Videogame soundtrack composition

As you know during the last years gaming soundtracks have become more important than ever. A lot of people will consider the game good or bad depending on its atmosphere and besides graphics and storyline, music is one of the most important pieces in this puzzle. It just needs to have the right mood for the environment, the right depth, and of course the right dynamics. This is what every game developer is looking for. And that is where a music composer steps in.


Otus is a freelance composer / producer with over than 16 years of musical experience and classical training in the field. As he is a big gamer himself he can offer you a lot of enthusiasm, dedication, high quality, fast work and the right feeling for anything you throw at him!

Otus has also played (and hosted) in many bands on guitar or bass. Some of the examples are
Poppy Seed Grinder, Apocryphal Death, Rites of Undeath, Genuine Relief,...

Recent work

Otus is currently a guitarist and main composer of cyber metal band Minority Sound. He is also dedicated to videogame soundtracks composition and he would like to offer you his services!

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