Title Type Company / band Link
Planetary Rumble Game OST ClickPushPlay Official site
Loria Trailer Loria Game Official site
Quadrant Game OST HKFiftyOne Official site
GBikes Game OST Unchained Developers Google Play store
Blight of the Immortals Game OST Iron Helmet Official site
UFO: Extraterrestrials 2 Game OST Chaos Concept Official site
Blob From Space Game OST Josplays Steam
Leaving the Dream Promo video music Retegate Youtube
Bleeding Civilization LP Poppy Seed Grinder Bandcamp
Humanophobia LP Poppy Seed Grinder Label site
The Asylum LP Rites of Undeath Metal Archives
Analysis LP Minority Sound E-Shop
The Explorer LP Minority Sound E-Shop
Drowner's Dance LP Minority Sound E-Shop
Behind the Smile LP Genuine Relief Metal Archives
Century of Storm LP Otus Hobst Bandcamp
From Here To Eternity EP Otus Hobst Bandcamp

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