Otus Hobst
music composer / producer


Soundtrack composition

Do you have a game or movie that needs original music? Then you are on the right spot! Describe your project we will discuss it together. Deliver me your vision and I will compose the music according to your wishes and beyond your expectations!

Trailer music

Wanna make the great first impression with a trailer? Got a perfect graphical output but your trailer needs a music? Iam here for you to compose the best piece either you need a slow ambience or uplifting and boomy epic stuff!


Your music is recorded but you need someone to give it the proper sound for a reasonable price? Deliver me the tracks from the recording studio and we will give it the best, and more importantly YOUR sound!


Everything is recorded and mixed but you need the final touch on the record? My mastering services are here for you to give your music the spark it needs!

Live performances

Wanna hear me playing live? I have a full liveset of my electronic music! An audio-visual performance that will rock any venue to the ground!

Music production

Do you have a band? You might be interested in my producing services. I offer full service in terms of production: Beginning with pre-production (visiting rehearsals, help with pre-production recordings and composition / orchestration), selection of studio / amps / instruments and ending with overwatching the recording and mixing sessions.